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90% of our users say that their English level has improved after the first 2 meetings

What is GOVAR?

We are online English speaking club with a choice of topics and levels
Login to the app and chat
No need to waste time on the road and searching for the club that suits you
Practice every day
Practice every day with people from our community
Choose the topic
Talk about interesting topics with people from different countries
Improve professional English
Talk to people in your profession in English and increase your value as an employee
Built-in dictionary and subtitles
The speech is shown as subtitles, and words can be translated in the dictionary
No sickness, no masks
The class is online and you are in a safe place:)

How it works

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your level
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You guys are awesome! Thank you for such a great opportunity to improve your speech! I've been with you only for two weeks but as my English teacher said, my English has really improved! I can discuss everything I want without a fear, barrier or being shy. I was so surprised to hear that, because I thought you need at least a year to improve your speaking skills. I recomend our Club to my friends and all my subscribers in Social networks. Thank you! I wish you good luck and Great sucsess!
I have been using the service for 3 months. During this time, I became much more confident psychologically (the fear of communication disappeared). Recently I wrote down instructions for the site (screencasts) in English for foreigners.👌
I needed to improve my spoken English in order to pass interviews and get a job in a foreign company. Worked out for 2 months, I felt much more confident. Passed 20 interviews, received 5 offers and got a job as a manager in Telegram. Thank you Govar!
I work as a barber. In the past when foreign clients came to the barbershop we sent them to competitors because no one 🙈 spoke English. I learned the basics and started practicing in club 👍 - now I do hairstyles for foreigners 👌

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